sustainable living


Or at least we can make someone's world better just by adopting a more responsible and thoughtful consumption. We don't need that many disposable things. We don't need to buy that much. We can reuse and give things a second a third life. In children's fashion we have all shared and passed to others things that have had only a few uses or even no use at all. Our shoes are made in materials that wont't last forever. Besides, being mostly a handcrafted item, they will wear down and break with intense use. This will also make them less harmful to our environment at the end of their life. We don't want to create more things that will last forever on the botton of the oceans. We simply want to make comfortable, wearable, natural, fun-to-wear footwear. We believe that we all should consider what happens at the end with the things we buy. We might then shop a bit more wisely. We might then change the world a little bit. And the more of us that start thinking slow, thinking beyond, thinking circular, the more of a change for better that we will achieve. Join us and support our change. And if you like our creations and you decide to shop any of our products you will also be contributing to social justice as we donate a share of our profit to Save The Children and Intermon Oxfam, two trust-worthy international non-for-profits that act to protect children in emergency all over the world. Thanks for your support and let us change the world together. 

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