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A gift for Moomak (A bedtime story by Jose Maria Espinar)

A GIFT FOR MOOMAK (A bedtime story by Jose Maria Espinar)

Mama elephant could not sleep. Her eyes closed, but her thoughts opened. Her eyes opened, but her thoughts closed. In the end, after a thousand laps in the bed of dry grass, he decided to walk a little and get to the hippopotamus pond. There the water reflected the stars as if they were seeds of light. She needed to meditate. Also, some exercise could do her good.

Hours earlier, just after the goodnight kiss, his son Moomak, had asked her for a pair of shoes as his a birthday gift. "But elephants do not wear shoes!" She said in astonishment. "Mom, I would be so excited!" Shouted the little boy with his trunk. "Are you sure this is what you want for your birthday?" "Yes!" Exclaimed Moomak with a grin from ear to ear.

Mamma elephant thought and rethought on the edge of the pond how not to defraud her son when Karlok, the old crocodile, passed by with his slow walk from side to side. The zebras told him mockingly that, as soon as a pinch of wind blew, he would turn around. "Good evening, old man," Mama Elephant greeted respectfully. "Good evening, what are you doing awake at this hour," answered the crocodile very slowly, for he was over a hundred years old, and there was not a single tooth left. Sorry, I was wrong! Yes, there was one tooth left, but black and hollow like a cave. "You see, I have a problem. My little boy wants shoes and I do not know anyone in the savannah who can make them, "she confessed without disguising her uneasiness. Karlok heard her staring into the sky. He thought for a few moments, chewing air with his jaws, the rest of his body still. "I already have it," he said, opening his jaws and shaking his tail. "You have to go talk to Mesabua, the chimpanzee. Tell him that you're on my side. You owe me a couple of favors. Those of their kind know how to use their hands. He will help you. " "Thank you, Karlok, can I do something for you?" Asked Mother Elephant. "Give me a little push, please, and that helps me get into the water. My muscles barely obey me. The only good thing about old age is the memories and the experience. Memories of a full life and experience for others to have a full life. Old age is to help and be helped, "said the old man. His tired eyes glowed a little. Mamma elephant took Karlok's trunk and placed it gently in the pond. The crocodile submerged leaving a trail of air bubbles that imitated the musical notes of a pentagram. Moomak's mother stared at the surface, saw her liquid reflection appear from the water curls, smiled and returned home quieter. Some sleep, even a little bit, is always advisable...