Our first giveaway...

We recently completed a very especial giveaway where many of you participated. We offered the winners a full price discount so they could get a free pair of our natural shoes for toddlers. Many of the lucky winners used their code and purchased a pair of shoes at no cost, except the delivery, but there are some that still haven't used their discount code. The list is below. If you are in it and want to re-activate your price at any time, you can contact us and we will be happy to send you a personal code so you can exchange it for a free pair of our cheerful shoes :-)

Annabelle Fague
Iris Barquero
Jaione Arnaiz
Rocio González García
Laura Lopez
Olga García
Amparo Martínez García
Lorena Doval
Hilda Martineza
Ana Argüelles
Samantha Allen-Stephens
Anabel Vico

Again, congratulations!

 - Moomakbrand Team -

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