Let us tell you a bit more about us...

Well, we'd like to tell you something about our brand... We are a family-operated children's fashion business based in Spain. We share a deep social and environmental consciousness. We are aware of the impact that fashion has on our society and we want to approach to it differently. First, we are only managing very small collections of carefully handmade shoes. This allows us to have more control on what we do and how we do it, starting from our varied suppliers. Launching a fashion brand requires a full collaborative mindset from the very beginning. All our suppliers are called to be partners of our project. We rely on suppliers that understand and share our brand principles and ethos.

We enjoy slow fashion. Our manufacturing processes take time. Contrary to some large fashion corporations we are not interested in cheap things and immediate fashion. We want to develop and offer timeless and season-less shoes that have a really distinctive personality. Shoes that are made with passion to details, with care and with no rush. That is how we conceive fashion.

A few days ago we launched our online brand store and presented our first collection of handmade jute-sole shoes for small children. We have made a very small and especial collection of a few hundred pairs based on the Blucher-style shoe. We initially have three colors: Turquoise, kiwi and coral red. These colors remind us of the joyful colors of nature and are inspired in Australia and New Zealand. Jute soles are made in Spain. The canvas and leather parts are also made and hand-stitched to the soles in Spain. All the parts are manufactured and hand-sewn in Caravaca De la Cruz, a city in the southern Region of Murcia, with a rich history and a worldwide appreciated singular folklore, were this type of jute-sole shoes, also known as espadrilles, have been made for years. This is the core of our collection, the essence of it. Yes, we make colorful espadrilles for children. We are only centered in small sizes initially, that go from EUR 21 to 28 in this Blucher model (US 5.5 to 11). Why? These shoes are natural, fresh, durable and flexible enough for toddlers to enjoy them. And also because we have two daughters within that age range :-)

Being a brand for children, we never forget those many children in need all over the world, and we modestly contribute as much as we can with a few well known organizations that make a great labor fighting to protect children's rights and helping many children have an opportunity to grow free, safe and happy. 

We truly encourage you to spend a minute of your time and check what these NGOs are doing and how you can help them, because it is really worth it:

Save The Children (http://www.savethechildren.org

Intermon Oxfam (http://www.oxfamintermon.org)

We ship everywhere in the world. No matter the cost of the delivery we won't charge more than 18 EUR, and in many regions we have especial shipping conditions (3 EUR in Europe, 10 EUR US and Canada, 12 EUR Australia and New Zealand...). Shipping to Spain and Portugal is free. We are also sharing a few promotional discounts among our followers in Social Media, so check our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you can find what we are offering to our friends ;-)

Soon we will be introducing our second collection of espadrilles for toddlers. This time the model is called Beatrice in honor to someone that has inspired and illuminated our project with her joy. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Well, now you know a little more about our brand!
Thanks for being there reading this, and let us know your thoughts, ideas, concerns... we'd like to know about you too!

Luis G