Moomakbrand: Our especial collection of shoes for toddler is almost here...

Finally, after quite a long way, we can say that our journey begins...It's just a few days left for our especial collection of natural shoes for toddlers to be available, so everyone can have the opportunity of discovering our brand. We are really excited! Initially, we will have sizes for children from 1 to 3 years old. Our first model is The Blucher, our interpretation of this classic shoe with a colorful design and the finest finish, made to fit our children's feet and allow them to play and discover the world on a traditionally hand-stitched espadrille shoe. Our shoes are made in Spain, in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, a city with a very rich historical and cultural print, and a unique folklore by the way. This region of our country is well known worldwide for the quality of its jute-soles manufacturers, therefore espadrilles are made ever since and represent a major ingredient of this community's economic activity. Here is where we established and started to collaborate closely with a couple of the best manufacturers, developing our exclusive collection.

The idea behind all our efforts is to conceive shoes that are more natural and sustainable, because they  are made with more natural materials and fabrics, and have less of an impact to our environment when they end there useful life. We live in a world full of cheap fast fashion, and when approaching the purchase of shoes for our children we believe we should think not only about price and comfort, or durability, but also in the way these products are made, and in the way they will interact with our environment in the future. You can call it sustainability, or simply responsibility. We also have a goal of helping organizations that are working hard to protect the rights of children in need, and that is why we collaborate with some large Not-for-profits such as Save the Children and Intermon-Oxfam, but also with other small associations in our community. We would be delighted to know about any organization in your community that supports social projects so we can consider collaborating with it too.

Well, so now you know a bit more about us and our brand. We are a small young company but we are big enthusiastic of children's world (being parents has something to do with it), sustainable fashion, quality shoes, and design. That is why we are here now, telling you all this.

Thanks so much for your interest in our brand. We will keep you posted. 

LG - Moomak